Your P45 and why it matters

Your P45 and Why It Matters

There’s lots of things at play when you leave your job and it’s understandable that your P45 is probably not top of your list. That scrap of paper filled with reams of numbers and codes is often destined for the ‘drawer of paperwork’ if not the recycling but is hugely important. Don’t throw it away!…


Will Minimum Wage Increases Lead to Automation and Job Loss?

With current political noise it was easy to miss that the national minimum wage celebrated its 20th birthday last week.  Let’s be frank though – the celebrations were hardly raucous!   Despite a rise of over 4% (depending upon the workers age) the media latched onto the increased cost of living and as such any…


Stamping Out Unpaid Internships

In recent months internships have been under the spotlight like never before. A simple scheme designed to give young go-getters some vital work experience in the industry of their choosing and in return provide organisations with a boost to productivity and a chance to nurture future talent is being challenged and it needs to ensure its…