Find a Part Time Job

How Do I Find a Part-Time Job After Lockdown?

How to Find a Part-Time Job After Lockdown Part-Time work opportunities are hard to find and even harder to secure. I look back to the recession in 2007-2008 as being one of the most significant moments to hit the part-time job market. Overnight part-time workers and their roles were cut from the economy. Business’ was…


Zoom Interviews – A How To Guide

The New World   With first acknowledgement that the last few months have been an extremely difficult time for employees and employers and The Recruitment Lab sends best wishes to everyone out there. If this time is going to have any sort of productive legacy though it could well be in the profligacy of the…


Your P45 and why it matters

Your P45 and Why It Matters

There’s lots of things at play when you leave your job and it’s understandable that your P45 is probably not top of your list. That scrap of paper filled with reams of numbers and codes is often destined for the ‘drawer of paperwork’ if not the recycling but is hugely important. Don’t throw it away!…


Find a Job During Lockdown

How Do You Find a Job During Lockdown?

Last week I actually had quite a few candidates contact The Recruitment Lab seeking jobs.  That is not actually a huge surprise – I am a recruitment agency after all!  But as I write this, we have been in lockdown for a number of weeks now.  We still seem to have an eternity to go…


How to Get a Job After Being Fired – FAST

As a recruitment consultant I meet lots of candidates who are in the job market because they have been fired and need a job fast.  In fact, one of the things that surprised most when I first joined the industry is how many people are actually being fired at anyone time!  Trust me – it…


How to Succeed In Group Interviews

Group interviews are widely used in recruitment and yet they remain a marmite experience for many of us.  Some of us thrive in these high pressure, team building/problem-solving environments where the spotlight wanders around the room allowing us to contribute when ready.  For others though a group interview can feel an intimidating experience.  That sinking…


The Questions You Should Ask an Interviewer

Twenty years ago, it was pretty unusual for a candidate to ask an interviewer many questions during their interview.  Recruitment though has changed!  Now, not only are you invited to ask questions, you will be assessed on the intelligence and wisdom of those questions.  So, what should you be asking and what should you be…


How To Prepare For An Interview

How To Prepare For An Interview   So, like a relentless Duracell Bunny you have been sending your CV to every corner of the job market.  No job advert, no HR Manager and no organisation has failed to receive your CV – and because you have turbo charged your job search with our earlier blog…


Why Can’t I Find A Job?

Why Can’t I Find A Job?   Looking for a job is rarely an ego boosting experience.  No matter what stage you are in your career.  No matter how much experienced or how much boundless enthusiasm you possess.  Finding a job can be a challenge.  Job seekers face knockbacks and rejection in an unforgiving job…